Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Lotta bottle

At the moment Isobel as an insatiable thirst for milk.

Last night, she had smashed an eight ounce bedtime bottle by six so I went and made two more (ounces not bottles) to quench post-bath thirst.

She is waking between five and six am and downing most of her morning bottle then, heads straight back to sleep so not too much of an issue. Attempts to give up the mid-morning bottle are failing , no matter how big a bowl of crispies she has had and managed to eat not wear. (Yes, I am leaving Weetabix for Nursery breakfasts, let them chisel it off their highchairs.)

After all the pain and heartache, both Isobel's and mine, that we had to get her to take the bottle, now I'm trying to get her to drink milk out of a cup, can I? Can I billyo.

She'll drink it out of a paper Starbucks cup; she'll drink it if I take the lid off her flippy cup (yep, the same cup she happily drinks water from); but she'll wave goodbye to and instantly dismiss any cup with the lid on and frantically sign for milk instead.


And I think she is meant to be going onto cows milk soon, have I bought my last box of formula....

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