Monday, 16 February 2009

Viewing catch-up

This is yet another one of the those posts that I meant to 'post' ages ago that didn't. That, in fact, I didn't get round to typing I just wrote it in my head; I wrote it in my head many times but for many reasons, including the fact that I hadn't edited the video, I didn't get round to typing.

Actually it was so long ago I can barely remember what the point was, and I think the first video may have been for a different point but is kind of related to the second, so now here I am writing a post that is so out of date I can hardly believe I am bothering.

(I have now abandoned first video and am so rubbish at editing that you will have to turn your head on one side for this one - I know I'm rubbish, I give up - any ideas how to turn video around?)

I think it went something like this...

Isobel isn't that interested in telly, something I think I'm relieved about, but as I seem to keep putting it on in the background, I am obviously Natalie Umbrulia - torn. But, she is interested in YouTube, especially on the iPhone. So here are a few of her favourite videos:

Well her favourite, when I first thought of this post, was U2 doing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, great if you want some muppet Bush action - you'll see what I mean.

Then we got into Badger, Badger, Badger, the trance version, although this may have been MY choice.

Next, was 'If you are happy and you know it' - a song we now sing ALOT (see previous post), but the girl with the plaits scares me.

Now we have a penchant for 'In the Jungle' sung by a hippo and a dog. If it is Monday when you are reading this it will definitely cheer you up so watch it.

But there is one thing that crosses the line between YouTube and Cbeebies and that is the Jingles, the 'la-las' as Isobel calls them, singing rats to you and me. Let's hope they never desert the Space Pirate ship or we will miss them.

The common theme is music, and here is my own little dancing queen:

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