Tuesday, 17 February 2009

No, No, No, No, NO

A while ago I wondered how I was going to teach Isobel what 'No' means. It was hard because every time she gets up to mischief it makes me laugh, so even as I was saying 'No' I'd be smiling and she would try and make me smile more.

This problem has gone away, as if by magic; it is actually Isobel teaching me 'No'. She never really shook her head before, but when she does it now there is no doubting what it means. 'No I don't want my nose wiped'; 'No more homemade chicken, no matter how delicious it is.' Or 'No more crispies' at which point anything on the spoon normally flies across the room as she defends herself from the offending spoon. Once I take the bowl away she confirms the action by waving and saying goodbye to it.

So, we've got No covered - the shaking of the head must have come from nursery but I am now adopting it as she obviously knows what it means. How do I teach her 'gently' when she can be so enthusiastic?

'Gently' as you grab mummy by the hair to pull her in for a cuddle; 'gently' as you explore the fact that mummy's eyelids slide over her eyes; I love you too, but 'gently'.


Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

You will find the word 'No' becomes a regular visitor in your house in a year or so. To the point where you will wish she never ever learnt it!

With 'gently', we used to stroke her arm or hair and say 'gently'. It worked for a bit. But, again, it all flies out of the window after their second birthday.

Almost American said...

It's amazing what they learn at nursery! If it's a good one, the staff will help you help her grow. I remember the staff at my DD's gently encouraging me to help her grow up instead of babying her - letting me know that for them she was quite capable of doing certain things on her own without their help!