Monday, 9 February 2009

Not another post!

I know I have posted a lot today, that's what happens when you are
sofa bound with a sleepy babe, armed only with your iPhone for adult

But, I do have a conundrum. Am I the only person has developed a
distrust or is it a fear of antibiotics?

I have bought into the idea that they are over used leading to
increased possibility of death by superbug. I avoid them at all costs.

When Isobel had an eye infection I was relieved to find out that salt
water was just as effective, well it only took a couple of hours more
to clear up the infection. Sign me up for salt water, no superbugs in
my daughter's eyes.

Now Isobel is poorly, it became obvious with the loss of her voice and
pain on coughing that she had tonsilitus, so weeks before her first
birthday, with a bug laden heart, I took her to the doctors expecting
our first batch of said good/evil medicine.

The doctor duly gave me a prescription, but suggested I decide
tomorrow wether to give it or not. Calpol and nature are best left to
it if possible.

Now, knowing my aversion to antibiotics I am confused, afraid I may
take the wrong course.

Am I being superbug-antibiotic-phobic?

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Anonymous said...

Personally I take the view that if there is something that is persisting and causing my child distress, i go for the antibiotics, but i do not give them to her if I can absolutely help it. In her 2 years, she has had them once.
Once we get to the spring, all the nasties seem to disappear anyway and once they reach 1, it is very noticeable how much less they get ill.

stefanie said...

avoid antibiotics.i gave them to emily when she was little and they turn your developing teeth a weird colour which doesnt go away and she only had antibiotics once that i remember (it was 17 yrs ago!) stick with calpol while she is tastes nice,antibiotics taste vile. if she can fight things off by herself it is better for her body,it will utimately make it stronger.