Thursday, 5 February 2009


I use the term in the loosest sense, but Isobel is really begining to

For months she has been holding her arms out to her cot when she's
tired; just like when she wants a cuddle.

She waves and says goodbye when SHE is ready to leave.

Signs for milk, well actually it now seems to be the sign for 'gimme';
give me milk, at a photo of me when I'm out; gimme the iPhone, remote
control; you get the picture.

She shakes her head for no.

And hisses for snake.

Kind of says mama but not really, and dada is obviously just a noise.

Now I know this is all leading up to talking and I'm a little afraid.

Don't get me wrong, both PD and I are dying for a chat but you see
that's where the problem comes in.

I was a chatterbox, I still am a chatterbox, my mind still is a
chatterbox; so how will isobel's voice be heard over all this chatter.

Actually I have a feeling it will be the loudest and most persistent.

The more I think about it, not being able to hear myself think might
actually be a good thing!

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Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

Oh that is such a fun time, when the words start coming! And, don't worry, if R is anything to go by, your problems will most certainly be getting a word in edgewise. R has now taken to shouting over us when we're talking. Wonder where she got that from?

A Modern Mother said...

I remember those times. Good for you to notice too. And write about it.

Impressed you composed this on you iPhone!