Wednesday, 11 February 2009


I have just climbed into bed after a lovely evening with my girlies,
my nct girlies.

Work has somewhat scupperred our meeting up plans, what used to be a
weekly, if not daily occurrence, now doesn't even happen monthly; and
I miss them.

While Isobel grows up rapidly, I still think of the other babes as
babes because I simply don't see them. Well I see lovely little Elif
because she goes to the same nursery but you know what I mean, out of
sight equals frozen in time.

So tonight we drank champagne ( well if you don't drink often you may
as well make it the good stuff), we celebrated an engagement, a
pregnancy, a sleep consultant and the end of a VERY bad day; but most of all we celebrated being friends.

Not a moment too soon. Thank you girlies xxx

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1 comment:

holly said...

work TOTALly scuppers things up. time after time.

i think i'm going to quit doing it.

don't worry, i'll be back, i just will have a new blog. :)