Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Yet More Practice

So, another night, another set of practice contractions (I am almost wishing for the real thing now). Maybe it’s the Raspberry Leaf tea but they are definitely getting stronger – all the better for my uterus and moving the baby into position, apparently. This time RD was alert enough to hold my hand and cuddle me even after I told him I was sure it was a dry run and I’d wake him if I changed my mind.

As with all these things, it has led to another flurry of activity and crossed several big jobs off my to-do list: I finished last weeks Arts and Crafts project (more about that tomorrow when it’s dry), and I finally got round to polishing the kitchen floor. In the middle of the Braxton Hicks I wrote my birth plan in my head, now I really need to write it up… oh, and must finish packing hospital bag…

But in the true spirit of maternity leave, I have squeezed in a facial and an afternoon nap. Off to the pub to meet NCT guys and girls later.

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