Thursday, 7 February 2008

Knickers and NCT

With our babies heads sinking dangerously close to our knickers*, our NCT group met for lunch today, well 4/7 of us. We met at the wonderful Petersham Nurseries for two hours of soup and cake accompanied by many giggles.

There was a reality check when four mothers turned up with their 3 month old babies… that will be us in three months time!

It was fab; I must say I think we struck gold with our group. I mean who else would you discuss stretching your lady bits with; although we are a little concerned about Nia’s conviction that you should be able to apply ’7 thumbs’ of pressure – where do you get the other 5 from? And let’s not think about the whole 10cm thing.

* It’s a very odd sensation as your baby's head begins to apply pressure to your cervix, it does begin to feel like she could pop out at any minute with the slightest cough and all that is holding her in is your knicker elastic (oh that it could be so easy!)! And I’m no where near fully engaged yet – all though we do have one in the group that is… I wonder if she is walking like John Wayne?

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