Friday, 29 February 2008

Define Imminent Please

What a funny week. Since Tuesday labour has, allegedly, been imminent.

Tuesday it was the mid-wife with her scan, and monitoring of my contractions followed by an exploration of her well gloved finger that predicted 'imminent' labour. Oh, of course this was coupled with the knickers full of cervix-dilation-evidence-egg-white - 'the show'. The rest of the day was spent with baited breath waiting for the contractions to get stronger - they didn't.

Wednesday: Body getting rid of waste (lots of long sit-downs on the loo) and lots more egg-white in the knickers (so cervix still diating). A reflexology treatment, after which I was sent straight home - do not pass go, do not collect £200, because... yes, you guessed it 'labour is imminent'.

Yesterday, baby's head nice and low, nice and low for labour that is, not so comfy for walking. Then in the evening, BANG, a sudden double-you-over-make-you-want-to-vomit-with-pain contraction. It passed a minute or so later and was never to be seen again.

In between times I have had 2 spicy curries, walked a lot and RD has been merrily doing his bit.

I don't mind waiting, honestly, I don't. But this teasing is a bit of a head

Right, off for another looong walk...

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Looking forward to hearing all about it! Congratulations xx