Friday, 20 November 2009

Mary, Mary part two

Mummy and Daddy you may not want to read this

Little girl has returned from nursery with yet another sore bum. I don't know what it is they do, I suppose I know what they don't do - change her quick enough. Anyway I'm not here to rant about that. Her poor little bum bum is so sore she didn't even want to have a bath.

As a Mummy I obviously know best and I was sure that a bath with some tea-tree oil would do her a world of good. Well her bottom anyway.

While She loves having her ducks in her bed, the one thing she loves best in her bath is her Mum.

So I stripped off and climbed in.

My lady garden is always EXTREMELY well tended, even when pregnant.

Being my own gardener of late I decided to let things grow a little to invest in some professional pruning.

It seemed my undergrowth (I haven't let it become over growth) was fascinating to Little girl. 'Oh mummy' was said more than once. She compared mine to hers; when I drew my knees up because at this point I was self-conscious (yes me), she stood up to look over my knees.

And then, she tried to wash it away!


Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

Very funny. Rosemary went through a phase of telling me I had a hairy bum and she's very concerned that Daddy and Rupert (cousin) have funny things coming out of their bums. Out of the mouths of babes.

Hearth-mother said...

That's great. Apart from my daughter looking at her younger brother in the bath and telling me that she used to have a willy when she was a baby, I am also a sympathiser with the post-nursery sore bottom.

Really Rachel said...

Oh that's so cute! Little ones have the cutest ideas!

Chic Mama said...

Awww, they're so funny.

cartside said...

My daughter is always keen to get the hairbrush...
And yes, we get sore bottoms at the childminder too, and it's blamed on cloth nappies. Just that she never gets a sore bum at home? How can that be?

ella said...

Found you through the BMB carnival and I've really enjoyed reading your blog. x Ella