Thursday, 12 November 2009

Dipping pennies in rola-cola

It's no secret, nor is it something peculiar to us, but we are a little strapped for cash.

OK so this isn't a great way to be but it isn't all bad.

It has provoked a further de-cluttering of the house as I scour it for things I can sell on eBay - don't stand still too long I may list you.

I'm also finally working through the drawers full of stockpiled free samples. I always thought I was keeping them for guests who may have forgotten something. But now I have no spare room and it's my skin that is becoming the pampered guest.

I shop in Iceland for frozen veg, I must say I do pack it all in a Waitrose bag and I am sure I have muttered more than once: 'Come on Isobel let's go to Waitrose now'.

I take a packed breakfast and lunch to work which obviously will have me at supermodel proportions very soon, so even I will take up less space at home.


BNM said...

In same place here too.
I Shop for veg at lidl and freeze them myself!
And did you know that poundland sells 4 pints of milk for a £1!!!

It can only get better (I hope!)

Heather said...

Likewise. Starting shopping at Lidl recently, saving loads of money - never realised how much cheaper it is and what nice stuff they have!

also, re your post title, recently discovered that Lidl's Freeway cola no fat stuff tastes almost identical to pepsi max and is less than half price!

Aingeal said...

We're in the same place at the mo. I think a lot of people are. There are actually quite a lot of ways you can make free money if you look around for it from free bingo through to free daily scratchcards. None of it is very much but it does munt up and help. I know what you mean about ebay though, poor kids will have nothing left soon lol

Amy said...

I'm in the same boat too, we're pretty poor at the mo too i'll be glad to get through this month. (i've been working overtime) so december's pay should be better :)

Anonymous said...

I am in the same boat too. Don't think I've actually paid off last Christmas yet! We are trying to be very careful here and so far it is working well.

New Mummy said...

Its such a bad time for money at the moment, I'm job searching and thats going pants. Lidl and aldi are good, co-op do great offers to.

I find planning a weekly menu helps, so I only buy what I need and use left overs were possible

I hope things get better for all of us soon x