Monday, 2 November 2009

Porcine me

No this isn't a diet post (though heaven knows it should be).

This is a completely different, but equally as sinful a post.

You see I always swore to myself that my child wouldn't constantly watch tele. She would draw, paint, cook, play, and go on the swings.

In short she would be 'stimulated'.

Unfortunately, Isobel has discovered the delights (loosest sense of the word)of Peppa Pig. Yes, the pink, eyes on one side of the head, puddle jumping, Peppa Pig. She whose whole family falls on the floor with laughter.

PD has taken to drawing characters from the show for her, he's got quite good at it.

And not only do we now have it on the sky plus - oh yes it's gone beyond the 5:30, after nursery showing - I'm ashamed to say I have it on my iPhone.

Wait it gets worse...

I have it on my iPhone and when Isobel gets up at 6:30 ish, we lie in bed and watch it.

Oh no, you haven't heard the worst of it...

I have even been known, in the interest of sane adult conversation (i.e. conversation where all parties are at the table not one adult guarding the stairs), to put on Peppa pig during a Sunday pub lunch.

Isobel does do all the other things I mentioned at the beginning of the post, but I, I mean we, have succumbed to the charms of this red dressed porcine lovely. In fact it often feels like we have 'Peppa pig until you die from it', but without the ensung bacon sarnies. Oh no, hang on a minute, that would be if she died from it.

Not only that, I am actually quite excited that at last Nick Jr is putting on new episodes.

Maybe excited is too strong a word, perhaps relieved is more appropriate.


Pippa said...

The best episode is where Mummy Says King Daddy, cos it sounds rude!

Kim@EnjoyTheRide said...

I wouldn't worry too much. I watched more TV (among oter things) than almost anyone I know as a child (I was awake a lot) and I turned out pretty well. In my opinion, lots of TV - combined with other less screen based activities - isn't the bad parenting demon it's made out to b. So, go Peppa!

The wife of bold said...

I'm not at the ipod stage just yet but i have every episode on skyplus and one of the twins first words was george ha. We lurrve Peppa pig!

Surprised and Excited Mum said...

Working Mum left a comment suggesting the addiction was mine! How very dare she - I accidently rejected the comment (fat fingers on a small iphone email)!

Anyway, I hadn't thought about what Pippa said, but now I'm wondering if I had called PD 'King' more often would we still be together...

Yay for all the Peppa fans and TV addicts who are lovely well adjusted, oink, peeps!

Laura McIntyre said...

As TV shows go i LOVE Peppa and so do the kids. At least it shows a family unit , plus daddy pig so reminds me of my hubby.

my kids all watch to much tv and yes it botheres me but sometimes it is just needed