Friday, 27 November 2009

From one Daddy to another

If you were in the park this afternoon and you saw a crazy lady crying and then walking away from her beautiful child, it was me.
I wasn't supposed to have to walk away. I was supposed to drop her nursery, go to work then go out with my friend and I would have a lie-in in the morning, go to yoga and simply come back at lunchtime and there she would be.
Less painful that way. Why it's so painful I don't know, but it is.
Instead Isobel was poorly this morning, too poorly for nursery, I had to take the day off work and wonder if this evening was such a good idea.
But she slept well at lunchtime, the Park is near PD's house, so it seemed the ideal handover spot.
Her case was packed, we took it with us and went to have fun.
Isobel was so pleased to see her Daddy, we all had so much fun.
It hurt to walk away. More than I thought it would.
Now I have to put my glad rags on and go for a drink. Believe me it's just as well that I have plan. I think sitting here would kill me. Not literally of course.
Hey, ho, she will always be mummy's girl won't she?


Anonymous said...

You are very brave zoe, very brave indeed. make the most of tonight and know that your little girl will be fine and very excited to see you in the morning. enjoy that lie too! lots of love from Sophie x

Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

Oh honey, I'm sure it must be very difficult, poor you. But she will be fine and, yes, absolutely, she will always be a mummy's girl. Try to enjoy yourself, if you can, especially the lie-in. Lie-ins are very precious indeed.

Hayley said...

I've had to do similar before and you are brave and strong for doing it gal! Big hugs x