Saturday, 28 November 2009

Home sweet home

The lying in bit this morning was very easy, not like the saying goodbye bit.

If I was a dog, which I'm not, you would have seen my right ear, the ear nearest the door, permenantly pricked listening out for chattering come from little girls room.

It was easy to do this and doze between 6 and 8 and the the mummy guilt started. It went something like this:

This is nice... This is easy... Should I be missing isobel more... Does that mean I'm not missing her enough... Am I enjoying this too much... Does that make me a bad mummy...

Anyway, I made myself a bacon sarnie and went back to bed.

At 9:30 the phone rang. It was PD, isobel had been asking for mummy and home all morning.

20 minutes later my limpet arrived home.

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Heather said...

doesnt that just make you all warm and gooey inside. lovely.

MuddynoSugar said...

Make the most of the quiet times...

Nicola said...

I always feel a little bit aimless when my boys are with their dad for the weekend. Like now. I do savour the peace and quiet...but I miss their noise and energy. I MAKE myself do things when the boys are with me. When they're not it is all too easy to do nothing much and spend too much time alone. Reading blogs - ha!