Saturday, 7 November 2009

Moral Dilema

OK, so imagine this:

You get back from a lovely afternoon with friends; an afternoon in which your daughter has been so friendly, so good at sharing her toys and generally delightful.

As you unpack the pushchair you are reminded of last weeks trip to the Chemist where your daughter danced around the shop while you waited for your prescription

How are you reminded?

You find a baby sponge in the basket that you didn't pay for.

Your angel girl is a SHOPLIFTER and you are the unwitting getaway driver!


Hearth-mother said...

Aah, haven't encountered this one yet...though mine did try to walk out of the local charity shop with a Thomas the Tank Engine book.

MissB said...

I had this with both of mine!!Thomas concentrated on food items - dried blueberries one time & organic apricots another. Annabel preferred stationary (pinky-coloured present tags, a whole handful of the things) which I returned, shame-faced, to the shop a few days later & with much to the amusement of the owner!!

BNM said...

This has happened here too
Husband came back from Woolies and noticed 2 mini bratz dolls in the bag that Bel had picked up and put in the bag after he had paid!
I never returned them because I had no idea what to say.

Working Mum said...

Ooops! (Very common occurrence)

PS Award for you over at mine.

Victoria said...

Same happened to us. On vacation Ruby came out of the supermarket with one of those mesh things that makes loads of bubbles from the shower gel (do they have a name?). Quite good really, as I hadn't packed one! Note to self - must not encourage this!!