Monday, 31 March 2008

It started So Well

Sunday started out bright and sunny all round, after a fractious Saturday afternoon and evening with a litlle girl who, although overtired, refused to sleep, we needed a sunny Sunday.

Isobel and I went for our regular stroll and Daddy came too.

We stopped for coffee and chatted. We actually had a non-baby conversation, like real people do.

Baby still asleep we strolled along the river, stopped to sit outside the White Swan and enjoy a sunny sunday tipple. Just like real people.

Simple pleasures.

The afternoon started well with a little girl happily playing then dozing off in her beanbag.

PD went off to watch the football (his simple pleasure).

Then she got overtired again; she cried again; dinner was eaten one handed again; so we all went to bed at the same time, again.

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