Saturday, 8 March 2008

Happy One Week Birthday

My daughter is now a whole week old, a whole week more delightful and I'm a whole week more in love.

It has been a fantastic week, my best ever. I really wouldn't have believed it would be possible to have so much love for one little person, even after a broken nights sleep I am still excited to see her in the morning, and every morning it is like Christmas. I'm a very lucky Mummy.

We have managed to overcome a few difficulties: my rock hard boobies were softened with hot flannels; my lack of confidence over breastfeeding (no-one has shown me how) has gone since she is a happy growing baby who in no way is screaming hungry; the pressure of a slight, and I mean very slight case of jaundice and the further need to feed her more; the pain of contraction like after pains every time I fed her that left me crying for parecetamol and ibuprofen - these have gone now.

I have been emotional, crying because I was worried I wasn't feeding my baby properly, crying because the cleaner hadn't cleaned the oven, crying because she is SOOO beautiful, but I'm not sure I'd call this 'the baby blues' (yet).

We are left with a patch of niggliness from little Isobel in the evenings that has left us flumoxed as to how to soothe her, but I'm sure we'll figure it out.
Otherwise, Isobel has established a lovely predictable rhythm that even makes my nights a breeze: She feeds for about 10 minutes (a bit of a guzzler), has a brief doze, nappy change and maybe a play before sleeping, only requiring feeding again 2 hours later. At night she wakes every 2 / 2 1/2 hours, but wakes so gently I can feed her in bed, change her and return her to her crib within about 40 minutes and without stirring PD, we fall asleep instantly ready to meet again 2 hours later.

So, our first week as a little family has left us thinking...

Isobel you ROCK. xxx

(I am aware that all this may change, but leave us in blissful ignorance for now)

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