Saturday, 22 March 2008

Who's Counting - Three Weeks

Isobel is three weeks old. We are just about heading into our fourth week and, as every week has been very different, I'm wondering what surprises this one will hold.

Isobel is adorable, but she can also be a little trying and we really are trying to be the perfect parents (well, just parents I suppose).

She spent her three week anniversary getting overtired and refusing to sleep, and then the rest of the day asleep on Mummy (which I must admit, just between you and me, I did enjoy; it's nice being needed, and it broke my heart a little seeing her take milk from a bottle).

As my Mummy said to me this morning 'Children and Dogs (she has 2 Great Danes) make liars of you: just when you think you have a nice routine, they change.' This is certainly true this weekend.

But I'm sure there will be far bigger challenges in the years ahead, and while we are learning to parents, Isobel is learning to be Isobel.


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