Sunday, 9 March 2008


(2 seemingly random posts only linked by a colour)

... Dots

At NCT class we were given little yellow dots to stick in places to remind us to do our pelvic floor exercises (you know, on the kettle so you do them while making a cuppa). If it wasn't so very wrong I'd pop one on my daughter's forehead and then I'd be bound to restore myself to virginal proportions.

... Poo

Yes Isobel, our little angel, could poo for Britain (or SA for that matter). Bright yellow mustard poo, that leaves her little bottom at such velocity it can leave a trail four feet across a white bedroom and still make a mark four feet up the wall. (I have resisted taking a picture - she'd never forgive me!)

This trick is usually left for an unsuspecting PD who has, with his lightening reflexes, managed to step out of the way on more than one occasion.

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