Thursday, 6 March 2008

Mother and Daughter Chats

It's funny, although Isobel is now just about 5 days old I find myself wanting to use words like 'always' when describing things. Like, Isobel always wakes up gently; or we always have a cuddle in with Mummy and Daddy in the morning. It does feel like she has 'always' been with us.

I do spend an extraordinary amount of time just gazing with amazement at the wonder that is our little girl and chatting to her. I find all her expressions fascinating, especially when she seems to purse her lips to say oooh seeming to copy me. (I know this isn't the case yet, but I am a smitten new mum.)

Imagine how upset I was to find out that the fact that Isobel 'always' seems to get niggly in the early evening, may be down to the overstimulating nature of said chats! Yes, last night when I took her from Daddy, who was seemingly ignoring her while watching TV, I may have interrupted her peace.

Now I knew I was intelligent but I didn't realise my chats were so high brow.

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