Saturday, 29 March 2008

One Month and I Think The Feeling is Mutual

I'm sitting on my bed, wearing a t-shirt with a target shaped milk stain on my right breast, typing this one handed because my other arm is occupied by my beautiful little girl who is watching me intently.

I have written several times about how much time I spend gazing at her, well, at last it seems to be mutual. Over the last 10 days Isobel seems more awake and more focused and I'm proud to say much of that focus seems to be on me! I think she really knows who her Mummy is.

(A good example of this is the bathtime picture posted on PD's blog yesterday: Isobel loves her bath and normally is fascinated by the blue and white tiles that surround it, last night while PD focused his camera on her, she, in turn, only had eyes for me.)

Four weeks ago with a lot of shouting and not a lot of pushing Isobel arrived; four weeks ago I still had a social life; four weeks ago I still sent flirty emails. Now, well now I write emails about poo and consider a social life actually spending an evening on the settee with PD.

Would I change it? No, not on your Nelly. Not even when she is screaming; not even when I think her heart is about to break with real tears and everything; not even when I just don't know how to comfort her.

It's not always easy but I'm sure it is always worth it.

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