Saturday, 4 June 2011

What do you use your baby's bottom cream for?

Over the last week I have discovered that poverty and vanity are not a good combination.

Last week I allowed my vanity to persuade me that as much as I love the colour of my hair I should hide the grey.

I did. I reached for a Nice n Easy the same colour has my hair not heading the small print that said on natural red hair you will get a lighter red result. To be honest I didn't realise my hair was that red.

The result a red so light it was luminous. Luminous orange that is. A vat of conditioner and a brown semi permanent colour later I am a rather glorious ginger. Oh yes, that IS an improvement.

Today I found a mascara languishing in a bag I hadn't used for about a year. I applied said mascara and have been weeping all day.

But, poverty can me the mother of invention. Ok, I know it is necessity but is vanity really a need? Hmm you have a point. Yes it is.

So, I when I developed what can only be described as acne on my chest do you know how I got rid of it?

I slapped Sudocrem on it every night. It worked a treat.

Apparently women are seeking out the intense moisturising charms of Waitrose's Baby Bottom Butter to slap on their faces.

What do you use your baby's bottom cream for?

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Muddling Along said...

Sudocream is fab for clearing up any rash or burn - I've been using it for years (and the children seem to have things that are better stocked than my beauty bag so I don't feel too bad stealing theirs)

Sue said...

OMG don't even start me on hair dyes. They very rarely come out the colour the box claims it will. I've tried the Waitrose bottom butter before - on my face! It's very greasey but when it soaks in it does make your skin feel replenished I have to say. Sue x