Monday, 6 June 2011

Stairway to Heaven

The title may be a bit misleading and if you are young and were not educated in the way of music by your parents I am probably about to baffle you even further.

You see, I only wish 'that all that glitters is gold', and if I could afford to 'buy' anything right now I wouldn't be writing this post - but now I nearly gave away the punch line.

The drugs are obviously working as I am actually beginning to get things done rather than spending weeks and months just fretting and guilting about them.

Saturday afternoon I painted the front door.

The last two evenings have found me making my way up my stairs backwards, on my bottom. No, I haven't fallen over again, cheeky.I have been painting the stairs. Like Rapunzel I am now stranded in my tower, anyone wanting to rescue me would have to come through the window.

As I painted my way to bed last night little girl came out of her bedroom to watch.

Her comment: 'ooh I like the stairs mummy', went down well.

The comment 'you look like a man mummy', was a little more perplexing.

Apparently I looked like a man because I was painting. Oh my.

Believe you me, if I could afford it or if I had one to hand, I would have got a man in!

Don't lynch me, it's not that I can't do it (obviously), I just would rather not.

Perhaps I best start reading Delusions of Gender

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TheMadHouse said...

and they say the drugs don't work! Ah yes I somethimes wonder what the boys think is mummys work

Dianne x said...

Ah just the person. I am currently decorating my hall stairs and landing and thinking of painting my stairs instead of getting a new carpet. Can you recomend a good paint?

Dianne ;-) x

Surprised and Excited Mum said...

Everything is Mummy's work!

Dianne, definitely recommend the Kindle - I have read about sixty odd books this year so far!. As for paint, I'm using Ronseal Floor paint - seems fab so far!

nunta formatii said...

How can you post from your iPhone? I can`t, what iphone do you have?

Surprised and Excited Mum said...

Hi there,

I use a Blogpress App to post from my iPhone and my iPad.

Hope that helps