Monday, 20 June 2011

Cybermumy 2011

There seems to be a lot of pre-event meeting and greeting going on and in my typical insecure-worried-about-doing-the-wrong-thing-and-being-left-out fashion I thought I would try and join in.

Now I'm not really sure what I am meant to do. Some people have discussed their outfits, some revealed more about themselves and others how they feel about cybermummy.

What can I tell you:

I'm hoping to wear an orange frock but it's a little snug today

I started my blog to revel in a pregnancy that was contentious to say the least. Mummy blogging hadn't quite reached the proportions it has today and at the time I felt part of a lovely new club.

Now I kind of feel like I've been left behind and that I am no longer part of the club, that it has outgrown me and that I don't seem to have the time to devote to it that it requires.

So, I wonder if going to cybermummy is a desire to fit in again? I don't know, I know I am excited to reconnect with the mummies I met in the early days, but I know that I am scared that I don't fit in.

Scared that the blog I so used to enjoy, the club that I joined in it's early days really has grown up and left me behind.

Oh, and even with all that angst, I'm going to have some fun.

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Soph4Soph said...

ooh, i like the sound of your orange dress, thats my fave colour EVER!!

I'm sure lots of people (including myself) are feeling exactly the same, I started my blog as it was the "in" thing to do but i;ve never really learnt how to write & use it properly, so really looking forward to seeing if i can get in the "club" of blogging like a mummy & business woman or maybe i really am just out my depth!!


Emma said...

It was great to see you at the Avon meet up today and put another face to another blog so see you in your orange dress a t CyberMummy! Emma - Mums Business Directory