Monday, 27 June 2011

So, Cybermummy...

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Ok, that may be a bit dramatic but it kind of sums up the mixed emotions I have about it. I put off writing this post to let things settle.

You see I went along to catch up with bloggers I met before this mummy blogging thing really took off and to meet the tweeters whose tweets have made me cry with love, laughter and despair.

I didn't think about the 375 or so other peeps that would be there. You see ere were many times when it was all a little overwhelming and disheartening.

I didn't realise how unfriendly the blogosphere could be. I know the competition and pressure to 'perform' had threatened to stop me blogging on many occasions over the last few years, annoying because I loved blogging so much. it just seems it's not such a friendly community anymore.I was looked through on so many occasions.

Money isn't why I blog (but yes I will do the odd review and now have my first advertiser), I don't need SEO, I'm just happy with some friendly commenters, though detractors are published too. Is that such a bad thing?

But, I'm going to stop with the negative now, because a couple of days after my early departure from Cybermummy I'm feeling much more positive. The anxiety has subsided and I can enjoy the lovely lovely things.

So, the lovely lovely lovely things were the people I was so keen to see and meet, no one disappointed and I have prioritised my blog reader to just include those I love. By reducing the quantity I am less likely to hit 'mark all as read' and more likely to keep up with those I count as friends.

Oh I chatted to Sarah Brown and she pointed me to @gingerbread for single parents.

I had my hair blow dried by a man from the telly.

And did I mention the lovely lovely lovely people.

My biggest laugh came from being in an amazing line up of Old Timers for the blogger calendar.

Oh, and as much as some people turned me off, I also fell a little back in love with blogging.

And I won a prize... Not sure what it is yet as I left long before prize giving. But, I do know it's Duplo!

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Perfectly Happy Mum said...

Oh no such a shame I didn't see you! I did feel the same mix of emotion though I have to admit. Found it all brilliant and not so brilliant all at once... Like you I have sorted my blog reader too since attending :)

Allforaleyna said...

Ohhhhhh I WISH I had stayed with you when we met. I felt EXACTLY the same way xxxxx

Au Pair UK said...

i love what u write and i think i could understanding ur mixed emotion, just keep writing please!

Sandy Calico said...

I absolutely loved hanging out with you on Saturday. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day and that we'll meet again soon x

Surprised and Excited Mum said...

It was the lovely people who actually stopped to spend time with that made my day!

I guess we all need to perhaps manage expectations as to what Cybermummy is for and arrange smaller tweet-ups as it were for getting to know peeps!

Jo Beaufoix said...

I'm just like you lovely. I felt completely overwhelmed at times and was amazed by how many people couldn't just smile and be friendly. I loved meeting you and so many others, but was kind of sad and disheartened by the overall atmosphere at times. So glad we got to share a hug (apologies for being a hormonal sweaty monster) and I'm sure we'll meet again. Maybe we should help Tara and Jay to sort some kind of Calendar girls/boys meet up. :D

Muddling Along said...

One of the things I found hard was finding time to say hello to everyone and still having the conversations with the people I know - very hard in such a large group of people and so many times I said hello to someone briefly and never got back to talk to them

Cybermummy did clarify for me that I blog for me and not for anyone else which is a good thing

Keep blogging please, we like reading you