Friday, 11 June 2010

Forget the other animals part two

You really can't call my family set-up conventional.

I have two half brothers - making far more than a whole one I must say; I have a very lovely half-sister who is more than enough of a sister for me and a step sister.

I have a step-mother and a step-father.

I have a Daddy and a distant father daughter relationship that we are working on.

And I have a Mummy, and I have had one of those tricky mother daughter relationships that has got less tricky as life goes on, and lets face it where my life goes my mummy kind of goes too.

What am I trying to say here?

Simply that while it may not be your nuclear family, it has a whole lot of love.


Aly said...

I think no matter who they are in relation to you, if you consider them family then you should be happy with that.I don't know that many people with a nuclear family so it's the 'norm' not to be I guess.

private boarding school said...

I think the bigger the family the better 'conventional' is rare these days, as is a family who gets on.

Jayne said...

I would love a big family but buget always wins !