Thursday, 24 June 2010

Busy Bee

No prizes for guessing that that is a VW camper in the previous post.

But, Clementine (yes we have named her, well by we I mean me!) is very nearly ours. Anyone who has ever read any of my posts will know I am the sort of girl who has MANY romantic notions and even more aspirations; Clementine is actually a combination of the two.

I have images of my little girl and I touring France in our camper, it's taken me a while to get to grips with what I'll do in the evenings once she is bed, but I've sussed it - I just need an epic novel to read by my campfire. As a practice run, I've booked us into Britchcombe Farm.

But I am not a born hippy, I do not intend to spend our lives living in the back of the camper. No, and neither have a won the lottery, so I've turned this romantic notion into a business: Glampervan!

Wish us luck: I'm not sure which we need more for the business or the camping.

(More changes are afoot, I'll tell you more when I can breathe)


TheMadHouse said...

How cool, I wish you all the best with your venture, you should clal your next one Mabel

Littlemummy said...

Big BIG luck to you, site looks amazing!