Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wednesday words

I love Isobel's talking, I'm amazed at her use of the word 'too', she understands perfectly how to use it, her grasp of the possesive is amazing, never has 'mine' and 'yours' been weilded with such passion; her sentences grow daily.

This morning, in my bed, while watching 3rd and Bird, she proclaimed:

'silly 'Obel, button off birdie'

She had indeed accidentally pressed the button and turned off 3rd and Bird, although not before the tune had lodged itself in my head.

Silly obel!

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1 comment:

TheMadHouse said...

It all seems to come at once doesnt it. Oh I am not keen on 3rd and Bird, but the boys love them!

Apparently word verification has them as a "acult"