Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The longest birthday in history

It has to be said that Isobel is having one of the most epic birthdays -epic in DR Zhivago terms.

I mean I love it when cards (and gifts, especially gifts - whom I kidding) arrive late as it makes my birthday last longer, but I'm not really sure when 'obel's birthday started and it isn't over yet.

Did it start last Monday when her new too-cool-for-school trike arrived?  I had to give it to her, I'd been coveting since I was pregnant.

Was the beginning when we arrived at Grandma's on Friday and saw Jack-jack and Danel?  Or when Grandma and Grandpa gave her a lovely dolls house?  We have have been playing 'go wee-wee, washands' and 'teatime, comon dahling sit down' ever since.

Or maybe it was when her cousins arrived.

The 'wow' that greeted the Post Office given to her by my brother Ross and Amanda.  In fact she has been well trained, she 'wowed' at the card too. Not sure if the Post Office is realistic, it is only a post office not a Londis too.  Also, Isobel thinks the phonebox is actually a phone.

Perhaps, the tea party with family and Miss B and Annabel (quick aside: If Isobel is Miss B's goddaughter and Annabel is mine, does that make them godsisters?)

Maybe it was her actual Birthday on Monday, during which she did start singing 'birthday obel' to herself. Although I must say this was possibly her least exciting day.

Today, Diddi-dance sang happy birthday to her and we decorated party bags for the BIG PARTY that is coming up on Sunday.


TheMadHouse said...

Oh how wonderful. Birthdays do seem to last longer when you are younger. Maxi and Mini have two, one at the weeken when their freinds come round and one on the evening of their birthdays for family.

Heather said...

sounds brilliant! I love the way things like this drag out making them super special for kids.

Miss B said...

Too cute video! Her tea party was so sophisticated & I LOVE the party bags (can Godmummy have one too??!!)
To continue with the theme.....I can officially extend Isobel's birthday to approx. 9th March when her pressie from us should be arriving! Let me know if it's OK and if it suits would love to see an "in action" pic!!

Much love & have fun tomorrow with the big party (don't envy you, but have fun all the same!!)

Miss B xxx