Monday, 29 March 2010

Watch out, watch out there's a Humphry about.

I must warn you that this post has been written in my head several times over the last few days, the story has evolved but now I am getting it out of my head it probably won't be that interesting.

I have given birth to a milk monster. Luckily she wasn't such a greedy guzzler when I was breastfeeding, but now she would gladly give up ALL consumption except that of milk, and especially milk served in her bottle.

The result of all this milk guzzling by one who is not a baby cow is runny nappies and dry skin. So I have now switched her to goats milk.

A switch which has coincidently come at the same time as the destruction of our last baby bottle; baby bottles are not designed for teeth, she bit right through the teat!

I made a big play of showing Isobel that is was broken and that we were throwing it away. I held my breath and waited for the drama and misery to unfold.

But, it didn't. She did peer in the bin a few times, but otherwise accepted the previously heartily rejected bottle/cup thingies.

If I'd written this post a few days ago I would be heartily patting myself on the back as her skin is better AND for getting her off the bottle, a battle I was saving until the words 'baby bottle' would upset her.

But I didn't write it then, I left it and now she will drink out of only one replacement bottle.

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TheMadHouse said...

Oh my, I don't have an answer I am afraid. I was a throw it out and deal with it kind of mum!

Hearth-mother said...

Yes, we have been through this - but if she really is a 'Humphrey' then she will drink out of anything (even if there are a few tears first)!

Working Mum said...

Ah, you've just reminded me that we had to switch daughter from bottles to sippy cups. I'd forgotten that.

I'd also forgotten that she didn't like water when we switched to that; a friend suggested a little flavoured baby water from Boots until she took to it, then water it down until she just drank water. Would that help her skin?

stefanie said...

dont seem to have the one bottle problem here.amount of milk consumed-big problem-we need our own herd of cows. murphy will drink most things he shouldnt have, including the dogs water !