Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A whole one and a half

So my baby you are a whole one and a half years old today. And a whole one and a half years worth of your very own person.

You don't like to leave the house without a hat, the donning of which you mastered months ago. You are fixated with shoes, ducks and twit-twoos (owls to the uninitiated).

If allowed you would happily exist on cheeeeese, peaeaeaeas, and milk.

Your communication skills are coming on leaps and bounds, not only do you understand far more than is comfy for your mother right now, you know how to make yourself understood: your noisy refusal to relinquish the spoon and fork you found in my handbag at 3:30 yesterday afternoon was not just a magpie fixation, you were hungry. Go figure mummy.

I love walking hand in hand with you, I love swinging on the swing beside you even if I do have to keep hopping off to swing you higher than your little legs can make you go (oh yes she is working on the leg action required for self-propulsion).

I love the roll-call of the people in your life you love, the list of names you can say grows longer by the day, and that you greet me in the morning with the name of the person you are missing most at that point in time.

In many ways I don't mind being beckoned to your room once a night, I choose to think of it as a way to keep in touch during the darkest hours (easy to say in the middle of the afternoon).

I even love the way you love your Daddy. You look for him, you call for him, you play with him but luckily you don't cry for him. I know he is your number two.

And I know that I am your number one and you are, most certainly, mine.


Mamma Po said...

Ahhh. Too sweet. 18 months is a fab age - they're so interactive and seem to learn sew stuff every day. No make that every hour! Enjoy xx

Mamma Po said...

I meant 'new' stuff. Not sew stuff. Although, maybe toddler embroidery classes could catch on...

Insomniac Mummy said...


These little people are so precious.


Pippa said...

That is beautiful and from one Mum who goes into both her childrens rooms at night (one because he calls and one because I just need to check in on her) I understand what you are saying.

Jill Smith said...

That was so nice to read, you made me feel as if l were in the room with you and your beautiful daughter.
Treasure everything and a tip for you, keep a memory box to look at later as this special time goes so quick.
ps My baby is 45 yrs old lol
Jill xxx

Mum Gone Mad said...

Gorgeous! My littlest darling is also hat fixated lol, they are just sooo their own people from the word go!

Miss B said...

Lovely post chick! Sigh....!

So nice to see you and the little lady in question (aka trampoline daredevil!!) on Monday. Isobel is an adorable 1 1/2 year old and a credit to her fab Mummy. J x

Surprised and Excited Mum said...

It is so true, they learn new stuff (and one day sewing!!)

We are all lucky to have our little peeps.

Thank you for joining in.

Miss B, that post is yet to come!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely post, from the heart.

clareybabble said...

What a lovely post :) x

New Mummy said...

How sweet x

Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

Aw, Happy 18 months, Isobel! (Little late, sorry!)

18 months is such a fantastic age. So much new stuff happening and language formulating and, ooh, it's just lovely. (Not that all ages don't have their loveliness, of course, but I think 18 months is particularly lovely.)