Friday, 18 September 2009

Festival Friday

It feels too late and too big to write much about last weekend, but to let it pass without discussion would be unfair.

It was FAB!

Do I need to say more?

Ok, so I do.

Mostly I need to thank Grandma and Grandpa for allowing me three evenings in a row of being more than a mum, three evenings of it actually feeling odd to think that I was a mum. For three nights in a row it wasn't me who fed, bathed and night- nighted my little girl. This practically doubled the amount of times I haven't done that.

Saturday and Sunday we both festivaled and then the only tears shed when she was whisked of by Grandpa were mine!

I soon recovered enough to dance like an old school raver, bop like a princess and generally shake my bum. See my favourite surprise act of the weekend - Orkestra Del Sol - here on You tube. Loved it.

I had great fun with my friend Sue, loved my bro's handmade fancy dress costume - yes that's what the ears were in aid of - a token gesture, caught up with old friends, and generally hung out in a field.

I'm already looking forward to next year! I just have to do a bit of begging to convince my mummy to have Isobel again for me.

Say yes mummy, say yes?!

Mind you, she may be potty trained by then, so what about the portaloos?!

It's indication of how much fun we both had that I'm looking forward to next year and Isobel has asked for mandma, mampa, islaa, ayley and jack every morning since we've been home.

Pretty please can we do it again?!

(This post could also have been festival Friday, great fields of fire

Hot from the flames and heated by the collective energy. Fab, fab, fab
. Oh, I said that already.)

(Yes, I did go down the helter skelter and, no the fire brigade did not have to come to free my ample child baring hips.)

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