Thursday, 17 September 2009

A little more conversation

Things I said on the train today:
  • A man or a frump? I don't think I want to look like either.
  • Not that you men aren't good looking.
  • But then I don't think of you as men, I think of you as boys.
  • Yes I know you are parents, I'm a parent too, but wouldn't you rather be a boy than a man?
  • Yes, I guess it is odd when your mum has a BOYfriend.
  • Hmm, I'm not sure about 'partner', 'Beau' might be a suitable word?
  • I see your point, Beau probably wouldn't go down well in Sunderland.
  • I think I will have a Beau next.
  • Yes a co-habiting Beau does sound more serious, but is also a mouthful
  • I have had a dalliance before
  • No, I think a dalliance is slightly more than a bit of fluff, but both have their place.
  • Wellwisher is definitely more of an acquaintance.
  • Admirer I agree means it doesn't have to be reciprocated, obviously I have lots of these.
  • Yes, I could write a blogpost about it, I have , kind of before; but, I really need to write a Bestival post.
  • Yes, yes, that's a plan. I'll write this post and THEN a Bestival post.


Mine said...

You missed out the bit where you described your labour!

Maternal Tales said...

Award for you at mine x

Surprised and Excited Mum said...

Ah Come on Mine, it was hardly a legs akimbo labour discussion!