Monday, 21 September 2009

The same but completely totally different.

Our babies are very, very, scarily clever people.

I know that at this point in her life Isobel is learning more things at a quicker pace than she will at any other time.

(Even more scary as I seem to unlearning things at an alarming pace too)

We don't make it easy for our babas:

First we tell them that this yellow plastic thing is a duck

Then we expect them to know that this green-brown feathered thing is also a duck

And they do it.

Then we teach them colours:

That this is blue

But so is this.

It really is abso-bloomin-amazing.

Ps. Isobel has taken to sleeping with a plastic duck. I think it is because she can say it, I understand it and therefore she gets it, rather than any early fetish on her part.


Anonymous said...

Could be uncomfortable if she rolled onto her duck in the middle of the night!

A Modern Mother said...

Great post. And because they are small, all these seemlingly differences to us are huge to them. Well observed!

Jane said...

So true. I think if I were a baby learning about life, I would be SO confused. They just seem to 'get it'. Think babies are much cleverer than us!