Friday, 4 September 2009

Something and nothing

Sometimes, like today, Isobel goes to nursery and I stay at home.

Sometimes, like to today, I'm not even going to yoga (I haven't been
for a month and it shows! But can I get my arse in that hot sweaty
room that I know I love so much? Can I billio!)

Sometimes, like today I want to do NOTHING, is that such a bad
something to want to do?

So, while I'm feeling a teensy bit guilty for abandoning my child to
the something that is nursery so that I can do nothing. I'll tell you
about the somethings we did do on the Isle of Wight.

We had a family Sunday lunch and Isobel can say the names of everyone at the table. Gama, gampa, mamy, isla (this was said as Isla came in through the door, and it certainly surprised us all) and ayley.

We saw Isobel's favourite animals: Auntie Gada and Uncle Birdie were so impressed with little girl's twit-twooing they whisked us off to seem them for real.

And then we popped over to see my BFF Miss B, my goddaughter Annabel, young master Thomas and the drill-bit toting Mark.

And the fearless something often referred to as bouncing begun:

... and ended.

Lots of something to remember on a day full of nothing.

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Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

Lovely pictures.

I know what you mean about feeling guilty to want to do nothing when she's in nursery. Up until recently, it felt pratically impossible to do anything that wasn't work when Rosemary was being looked after elsewhere. Even housework would feel wrong.

But I think it is really, really important to make sure we do take some time to do nothing now and then. And I think it's even more important for you, as you can't just get her dad to take over while you have a bath or something, when it's all getting too much.

So take the nothing times when you can and try, really really hard, not to feel guilty about them!