Saturday, 5 September 2009

Great river boat race (or a post where the title is circumstantial)

This evening at 5:30 my daughter asked to have her bath; it was a
lovely, funny, kissy bath, but it was early.

At 6:45 she was in bed asleep.

Could it have been the excitement of seeing her Daddy this morning?

Was it the fresh air as we walked, well I walked she buggied?

Or was it horse see-sawing with JP and Geneveive?

Ps. Erica-May, shame you weren't in the pic; Isobel now can point to JP
and 'veive'.

Pps. Supposedly we were in this particular park to watch The Great
Riverboat Race, hence the title - tenuous I know but I'm too busy
drooling over Dermot to come up with something better.

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kim said...

This looks like a perfect Saturday!