Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Doh! Who would have thought it - teeth pain = tantrums. *

Ok so tiredness also equals tantrums.

But today I have kept Isobel on a very low level dose of Calpol or Neurofen and a very busy morning has passed without incident.

We have been to the park; Iceland (yep, the shop in which I always feel I should proclaim loudly "we'll pop to Waitrose now darling"; visited the doctor - for me not her; had blood tests - me again; and been to a very busy cafe for lunch, her not me this time.

I'm not sure if she is ready for a nap , but I certainly am.

*It's not that I'm being particularly dense; Isobel's first 8 teeth arrived with not a murmur and even now I can't complain, it's not that we are up in the night or anything, it's just these pesky molars are HUGE!


garethv said...

Yay for growing up teething girl...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Zoe. I had a lovely day thanks, gort spoilt rotten and all my nearest and dearest gaave me their best of wishes.

JennyMac said...

I remember the teething...ours is only two but had a mouthful. Early. Great post and hope you got a nap.
And that photo of your hands is beautiful.