Monday, 6 July 2009

Oh my

Before I get on with the post I want to write, I have to tell you that my precious, sweet tempered angel of a little girl has just had the longest tantrum in the history of tantrums.

She cried all the way home from nursery; she cried when I took her out of her pushchair; she threw her self on floor and cried some more...

She finally stopped crying, well briefly, when I gave her a beaker of water.

What followed was a stressful half an hour, until either the calpol kicked in or I got clever.

Then we had a lovely bath time and she asked to get into bed at 6:30. There she sang and drank her milk, asked sweetly for more milk and is now fast asleep.

I look at her sleeping now, the tantrum is forgotten and I want to wake her up so she wave me goodbye and blow me goodnight kisses again.

*The calpol wasn't just me drugging my girly, although at one point I might have done so gladly; I can see her little molars trying to poke through, it has to hurt and may well explain the temper, well I definately HOPE so.


zooarchaeologist said...

Have you tried those teething granules? I find they help and you have less guilt than with the calpol. Although we use that and baby neurofen! I have been driven to take the Calpol myself in the past, when they have those tantrums they seem to go on for hours dont they! Hope all is well tonight!

Surprised and Excited Mum said...

on the very rare occassions we had teething trouble before yes I used the granules.

To be honest this is our first hint of teething, and she loves calpol, it's a rare treat.

Anonymous said...

I have both these moments to look forward too! :)

SandyCalico said...

I think my toddler's molars are on their way too, this may explain the tantrums!! Calpol is your friend ;-)