Saturday, 30 April 2011

The sunshine weighs blissfully heavy on my eyes

This is not a sponsored post but it will be littered with product placements and links, I am just wanting to share my day with you (obviously all freebies and samples gratefully received!) My near perfect day, that cost me very little but allowed me to connect with many of the under appreciated things in my life. Things I used to take for granted.

Ok, this wasn't quite how my lie-ins of old used to go, but I still count an hour in bed with little girl as a heavenly time even if does involve You Tube. Our favourite today:

Then little girl went to her daddy's and a little rain fell in my perfect day with his inevitable criticism of something, anything, as I handed her over.

Me, well I met someone very dear to me for brunch at Jamie's Recipease.

I pootled on home to hand over the keys to a temporary entrustee of my Darling Clementine, before embarking on a spot of Wii Yoga and Pilates.

Then I allowed the sun to weigh heavy on my eyelids as I sat in the garden in my favourite lounger and took time to just be.

Oh my Fing G how long has it been since I did that; truly nothing, no reading, no writing, no doing at all just being.

I listen to the birds nesting in the hedge above my head, I even watched them forage and feed. Wow, a garden peaceful enough to do that in, I repeat WOW!

Inspired by rest and the possibility of pottering I even trimmed the hedges by hand. Thus exercising biceps and not disturbing the birds.

Then I sat and just was some more.

A bath with some L'occitane lemon verbena bubbles (a precious gift -the bubbles not the bath, although now I come to mention it...) and an Elemis Exotic Moisturising Face mask, a freebie from when I could pay £100 for face cream and not blink...

Sounds glamorous until I tell you I used a pair of little girls knickers to tie my hair up, clean of course.

And now here I am feeling at peace, tippy typing a peaceful ( and some might say dull) post on my ipad (yet another gift) to celebrate a delightfully easy day, with much room to breathe.

A day rounded off in new Gap pjs, enjoying a supper of red wine and chocolates and an opportunity to catch up with emails, sky plus and an early night.

Oh another slight blight when my Alessi savaged the cork and I had to resort to the lazy fish.

I really do love my life but I have a long way to go before I feel I really live it.

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TheMadHouse said...

What a day, oh to have one of those.