Thursday, 28 April 2011

Bunny hop

Sometimes I do wonder what a mummy needs to do to rock a little girl's world. (In a good way of course; aren't you down with the kids?)

If you ask my little girl what she did this weekend, she will adopt that face that says 'well...' and proceed to tell you, very proudly, that:

I was sick in my car seat 'cos I had too many crisps on ferry boat'

Now this is true, but how did this become the headline in a weekend in which we went home to Grandma's?

We celebrated Grandpa's 60th birthday

Went to see the bluebells

Ate ice cream (AMazing stem ginger for me) and paddled at the seaside

Even went on Grandpa's boat

Went to 'Robin Hill Park' with Isla

AND what does she choose to tell you about? Being sick in the car.

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2 comments: said...

These are a lovely set of photos Zoe! Isobel is looking so grown up! Glad to see that your health is okay! What a scare it must have been!

TheMadHouse said...

SOunds like you have had a super Easter break