Monday, 4 April 2011


This is post I spent a lot of time thinking about yesterday but doing nothing with.Today, given my mood it could so easily have become a post about mother f*ckers, or should that be muva?

Anyway, so yesterday was mothers day, a funny lovely day for many people for many reasons. Funnily enough it is today I am missing my mum the most, just because I need a mummy hug.

Don't get me wrong, my mummy is only on the Isle of Wight so really not far away at all, but sometimes it just feels far.

You see my relationship with my mum is not always an easy one, and it seems that the mother daughter relationship can be one that can cause a hell of a lot of pain in both directions, but, luckily it seems to be an ever enduring one.

So there are many great things about going home...

The thing I have most appreciated lately is going home and being able to sleep when the drugs and laid me low.

The other thing I love most about going home is sitting on the settee of an evening feeling about 12 but being allowed wine. How great is going out and still, even though I am a mother myself, being picked up by my mum?

But, the thing I really, really truly love most of all about going home is that my Mummy is there.

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TheMadHouse said...

Yep, me and my mum had a volitile relationship, as we were so alike, but we always managed to sort out our scwabbles.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Here's a mummy hug for you. I might not be your mum, but I am A mum :-)

Jo Beaufoix said...

My relationship with my Mum isn't always easy either but blimey I don't know what I'd do without her. The Isle of Wight is not just round the corner babe, so it's ok to miss her. Hug.

(And I hope the other Muva's have buggered off now.)