Thursday, 3 February 2011

Please miss...

The dog ate my homework.

Seriously I am so behind on my blogging it is about to become the shortened form of back-logging.

Do you need excuses or even care?

I could site flu, which is true.

Or tell you an elephant sat on my iPad.

But, I know the only person who cares about my lack of blogging is me!

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Muddling Along Mummy said...

Don't worry - we'll still be here when you have time

Don't put yourself under extra pressure on top of everything else

Take some time, do some fun things and come back to us all reinvigorated!

zookeeper said...

OMG I am in the same ffing boat. But I have just done my first post since Jan 18 and decided to go down the denial route. I just banged out a post as if nothing has happened. Which is worse, isn't it? The more overwhelmed by life I get, the less I blog, when in fact it should be the more I blog (catharsis and all that) Anyway, just looking at your profile (haven't visited for a while)I am not single, but neither married, but also a bit of a love f***wit. Also just love the phrase. Also feel bad that I find it as hard to find the time to read other blogs as I do write my ffing own.

zookeeper said...

That is sooo me too. Just posted a comment which has completely disappeared so here goes again! I have just done my first post since 18 Jan and decided upon the denial route. I.e. posted as if nothing had happened. No mention of my absence. Which is worse. The more stressed I get, the less I blog, whereas I should use it as some form of catharsis. Just looking at your profile (haven't visisted in a while), I am not single, but neither married, but also a bit of a love f**kwit. Great phrase. Might steal :-)