Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My most compelling reason for an upgrade to iPhone 4

I love my white iPhone, I love it's curves and it's apple whiteness. I have been due an upgrade for a year now but I have been hanging out for the ever promised white one but I may now succumb anyway.


Well, in my day pictures where taken, film was left to languish in drawers until discovered one day, so many months later you no longer know what is on it. I remember the green Truprint envelopes so well.

And the joy when the photos arrived in a packet in the post.

Now little girl asks to see the photo practically before I have taken it.

I know this still doesn't answer why I want an iPhone 4: I want one because I want to be in the picture too.

Not because I like pictures of me, but because there are so few of me and my little girl.

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Muddling Along said...

Actually that is a very good point!

I need pictures of me and my girls = I need an iphone 4!

Thank you

Perfectly Happy Mum said...

That's why I got one!! Humm not really but I like that reason actually :)