Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Hmm is there anything you don't already know about me?

I have been tagged by the lovely Carol in a meme, weeks ago.

I have been challenged to tell you seven things that you don't already know about me. My life is an open blog and let's face it what you don't already know you are unlikely to really want to know.

Anyway, here I go:

1, I have only just learnt to like scrambled eggs; it took me more than thirty years to figure out that it is the smell of melting butter that kills me.

2. I will forty next year (writing it in letters rather than numbers makes me feel better about it, that's how old I am)

3. I sometimes dream that my daughter isn't mine.

4. I have a degree in Economics but am flat broke.

5. I'm training to be a trainer, in the mind sense not the physical sense.

6. I used to be so very proud of this blog

7. I like my coffee and tea weak and black, not my men.

Hmm, is that all suitably random? Hey it's the best I can do while supping a mocha. I can't think of anyone to tag who would answer, not to mention that I am so behind the whole blogosphere has probably done this already!

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Anonymous said...

Why aren't you proud of your blog any more? I think it's great x

New Mummy said...

Love your answers and love your blog. It was one of the first ones I ever read. x