Saturday, 12 February 2011

Dating a Single Mum? Here are some tips

Ok, so maybe I shouldn't paint everyone with the same lip brush as me but take this how you will.

If you are going to date a single mum be prepared for a long distance relationship; you are not going to suddenly find your self spending all your time at hers.

Basically be prepared for somewhat of a simmering relationship that may well take a LONG time to come to boil.

Dating is what she wants and what she needs, some romance and someone to love her without too many demands. Some fun!

Be strong enough and sure enough of your own self worth to cope with the fact that you will never be number one, any children will always come first, not just in terms of time, but energy and love too.

Remember she has children already so be prepared to be a grown up, don't expect mothering or cosseting.

If you can be strong enough to lean on, soft enough to care, fun enough to play, and more than a little self sufficient I am sure she will love you with as much energy as she can muster.

Let's face it love is not finite, but time and energy are.

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notSupermum said...

Very wise words, as a single parent I would second everything you said.

Anonymous said...

Wise words indeed! I am a single mum, and now in a relationship with a single dad - I think the advice works both ways equally well, and at least if you are both in the same boat then you know the score.