Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Voice coach required

I live in fear of becoming an ineffective parent, you know the sort, the children tend to be brats for whom they spend their lives making excuses. I don't know what's more annoying the cajoling and pleading for better behaviour or the bratty behaviour itself.

I just do not want to have a child that no-one wants to have around.

And so far I don't


Isobel sometimes laughs when I say 'No' and there are some battles I really can't be bothered to fight.

I don't give into whining, I try to distract but there is an element of whining. Tantrums are short lived and definitely for show. Crying as her I leave her at nursery I am sure is now a habit.

While Isobel isn't a brat, I do know I have to be firmer.

I don't plead with her to let me change her nappy I just put a firm hand on her tummy and she stops wriggling; I don't beg her to get in the pushchair - I can get those straps on even with a struggle.

So, I'm not a complete push over.

I do think if perhaps my voice was less audible to dogs and dolphins I may get a better reaction.

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