Thursday, 11 February 2010


As a girl when you first share a bed with someone new you know it will certainly not be an unselfconcious event.

There may be nights of sleeplessness and tummy ache in an attempt to avoid any embarrassing draughts.

You may even get up to go to the loo in the middle of the night in order to not be overheard and perhaps to re-brush your teeth.

You will cling to the edge if the bed and accept even the smallest of token duvet corners so as to be a good bedfellow.

There would definately not be an invitation for others to join you at so early a stage.

When do we learn these rules?

Isobel comes into my bed; sleeps diagonally; snores loudly; brings with her twittwoo, tully and baby; and thinks nothing of her trumpet pj trousers.

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Hayley said...

LOL that made me laugh so much! So very true!

Hearth-mother said...

Very good. After a not so happy day (and night) - I enjoyed that!