Monday, 1 February 2010

I'm not sure where she gets it from

But my daughter is very bossy.

It started with the Barbera Woodhouse esque command 'sit', whereby she would position me exactly where she wanted me.

Then we had '(get) up'.

Now we have 'comon mummy'.

Or continuing with the dog training theme (no comment please) we had 'walk' whereby I would be led by the hand out of her way or in the direction I was obviously supposed to going.

Now we have 'carry'; 'dance'; and my favourite one of all


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It's a Mummys Life said...

I love the 'cuggle' demand too. I also get 'go away mummy!' but because I've drummed please and thankyou into her I get 'Go away Mummy Pleeeeeeeeeeease'. I'm sure I should say something but I find it so cute I just laugh. (found you through

Heather said...

it's so cute and yet so annoying all at the same time, isn't it?

A Modern Mother said...

Still wondering where she gets it from? ;-)