Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Going to the dogs

I have lovely neighbours, beyond lovely neighbours, wouldn't swap them for the world neighbours.

But on Monday we had a bit of an incident.

As they often do, next door had taken in a parcel for me (this postal service isn't why I love them, but it helps an Internet shopaholic like myself). Isobel and I popped round to collect the parcel.

Their little dog Toffee came running out and knocked Isobel to the ground and while he didn't bite her face he did open his mouth.

I scooped little girl up, but for the next hour she kept pointing to her face and saying 'dog obel'. She even told her daddy.

Now, I'm not cross, I don't think the dog is dangerous (though I do get the fear if I think of possible outcomes - mutilation and the like), my neighbours are mortified; I am actually more concerned about making sure isobel isn't afraid of dogs,

We will pop next door and see toffee again.

Can anyone offer any advice? Please not about the dog, no muzzles etc, just about making sure my little girl remains phobia free.

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Jo Beaufoix said...

Sweetie that must have been a heart in mouth moment. I think taking Isobel around to see Toffee again is a good idea, though obviously not if she's very distressed. It might not develop into a phobia anyway, you never know.
For now perhaps see what she's like generally around dogs, eg in the park, on the street etc.

Keeping my fingers crossed that she's ok. Hugs.

Working Mum said...

I haven't encountered this one. We have a lot of people walking dogs on the green outside our house so my daughter has grown up patting them (the owners are very good at telling me if their dog is good with children first). I do think taking her to see Toffee again is a good idea. I imagine the shock of being knocked over was the frightening thing for her, so just make sure she feels safe around dogs while she's still small.

Heather said...

if she isn't too afraid going round to see the dog in its home is a good idea.

It must have been a heart stopping moment. so glad nothing bad came from it.