Thursday, 17 December 2009

A sucky Pantomime Dame

There are times when I liken my self to Cinderella. No I’m not waiting for my prince to come, though it would be nice. I don’t spend my days engaged in drudgery by those less lovely than me, though hang on a minute maybe…

My slippers aren’t glass. But, I do always have to be home by midnight.

No spontaneous drinking and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. No spontaneity AT ALL; there is always a babysitter to relieve.

I know, as PD will always be quick to point out, that I chose to have my baby and therefore I should have expected this. But I suspect sometimes even those who planned and tried for years to get a baby sometimes feel the same way.

I mean you KNOW it will be the case; and you KNOW it will be worth it; but sometimes it sucks.


Heather said...

sometimes it does. I haven't had a night out in over a year.

stefanie said...

Yes but our lives are richer in other ways for having children. I cant remember the last time i had a night out on the town! Little arms giving you a squeeze round the neck are worth giving up nights out for. That and i cant handle the hangover any more,takes far too long to recover now.